Key & Item Cabinet

This device is perfect for places where there is a need to store various types of keys or items.

You can combine multiple types of lockers and ways to store keys and items in one device. In the future, you can only change the module type and the device remains the same. The device combines the advantages of our other devices such as SAIK KEY, SAIK LOCK, SAIK KEYinBOX, or SAIK BOX.

SAIK MODULE Cabinets are available in 4 sizes – (max to 30, 60, 120, 192 keys)
This allows you to store all the necessary keys and deposit items in one device. It is possible to make the device with free slots, so in the future, as your needs increase, you can install new modules or replace the existing ones. The modules have 2 sizes and the minimum number of them is 5 in the device and maximum 16 large modules. Their configuration allows you to create a single device for both keys and items.


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Expansion and modification of the device.

It is possible to make the device with free slots so that more modules can be added in the future. You can also replace the module type while maintaining its size.

Most often chosen by

of all audiences, both public and private, of all sizes and industries

Special Features

modular design, two sizes of modules, several types (keys placed on key rings, in cylinders or in compartments), the ability to store keys and items, convenient exchange of keys and items, return the key fob to any or assigned place, one device with many storage options


from 5 to 16 modules, usually from 12 to 192 keys in the device

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