Cabinet for non-standard keys

Deposit box designed to store keys with dimensions different from the standard ones.

It is equipped with special lockers in which keys requiring profile protection are stored on electronic key rings.


Keys to rooms subject to special protection can be successfully deposited in them, e.g.:

  • keys to secret offices,
  • keys to safes,
  • vault keys,
  • long keys (e.g. for old gates)
  • keys to important rooms.

This depository can function as a stand-alone device or an extension module for another depository, eg SAIK KEY. This device provides additional protection for keys requiring special protection. The keys placed on the pendant are stored in individual lockers. Their presence or absence in the depository can be determined at any time thanks to the electronic key fob.

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The KEYinBOX can be used as an extension
or as a stand-alone device

Custom size key locker

The CARDinBOX box can be an alternative option to a key in the form of a proximity card

Most frequently chosen by

All recipients, most often as a module for SAIK KEY for more important keys

Special features

Each set of keys stored in a locker, protection of access to important keys


Selected as the main module or operating under the control of another device, from 1 key

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