Cabinet for important keys

Safe deposit boxes – for whom?

If you want to protect your valuable things, you should consider the proven method of using the SAIK BOX IN BOX device. It will solve your problems with ensuring special safety standards. Safe deposit boxes are used in many places. They are used by companies, public institutions and private individuals who need a proven, but above all, safe place to store important documents, items, copies of data or keys. Safe deposit boxes allow you to avoid losses resulting from theft or damage by unauthorized persons. It is worth knowing that the dimensions of the boxes can be adjusted to your individual preferences.

Safe storage thanks to safe boxes

The latest technology is used to produce the lockers, which can identify, for example, the presence of keys inside. The deposit boxes are made of steel, which additionally translates into their durability. They are very popular not only among bank customers, where they can be found very often, but also among hotels and other tourist facilities. Safe boxes are perfect for storing expensive electronic equipment, jewelry and more. Using them gives you a sense of security and protects against loss or damage of valuable items. Safe deposit boxes also guarantee confidentiality and privacy.

SAIK BOX IN BOX records all events related to lockers and containers.

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Metal hiding box


Seal – additional security

SAIK BOXinBOX is a depository where security is more important than the speed of key collection or convenience of use. Safe storage of important keys in additionally sealed boxes. Chosen by military institutions that require physical sealing of the contents.

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Most frequently chosen by

institutions and companies with specially protected keys, e.g. safe keys or from secret offices, banks

Special features

identified box, identified presence of keys in the box, different lengths of boxes, boxes with the possibility of additional sealing


Selected as the main module or operating under the control of another device, from 1 to 300 containers in one device

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