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Cabinet for assets

A cabinet based on a locker system that has been designed for safe and supervised storage of various types of items other than keys.

The use of special RFID markers (tags) placed on specific items enables their identification after depositing. Thanks to this solution, the system recognizes which specific items are in each compartment of the device.

Our devices are perfect, for example, as a depository for mobile phones. The lockers can also be equipped with weight detectors or object presence detectors without the need to equip the object with special markers (tags) – then the presence of the object in the locker is recognized without its identification.

SAIK BOX is an ideal solution for storing assets such as:

  • sealers,
  • weapon,
  • mobile phones,
  • laptops and tablets,
  • folders with documents,
  • money boxes,
  • hard drives,
  • other important and custom items.
  • post and letters

The size of the box at the stage of ordering and production is adjusted individually to the size of the stored item.

The lockers can be equipped with chargers for phones and tablets, thanks to which you can store, protect and charge the batteries of individual devices at the same time.

Access to the contents of the boxes is done in the same way as in the case of keys.

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recipients who have important items to protect

Special features

for storing items in lockers, size of lockers adjusted to the needs, identification of deposited items


selected as the main module or operating under the control of another device, from 1 locker

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