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Key cabinet

This is a deposit box that is used to store keys in inserts. It is dedicated to the management of keys used within the master key system.

In this type of deposit box, the keys are stored in inserts corresponding to the inserts in a specific door. The depository works on the principle of mechanical key identification, which means that the key itself is its own identifier and can only be returned to the cylinder that has been assigned to it. This solution allows you to protect the profile of the key and the working ridge against the possibility of copying them.

In order to best match the device to the needs of users, it is possible to create a mixed SAIK Key and SAIK Lock system.


The SAIK Lock depository can store master keys of any manufacturer.

SAIK Lock can be expanded or combined with other SAIK system devices, e.g. CarInBox, KeyInBox or BoxInBox.


It is possible to expand it with any type of locker adapted to the specific type of deposited item.


Most frequently chosen by

army, embassy

Special features

key profile protection, key return only to the assigned slot, only for master keys (general system keys)


almost always as the main module, od 1 key in one device

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