Key cabinet

This device is perfect for places where there is a large number of keys or keychains, access to which should be limited to specific people.

Proper key storage is a key aspect of security, especially in important institutions that have classified data. With the dynamic development of technology, key depositories are becoming an integral part of ensuring confidentiality and integrity of information. ESEK, i.e. Electronic Key Registration System, allows you to control their circulation. It consists of a depository and dedicated management software.

SAIK KEY allows only an employee who has previously been granted such permissions to download a given key. Additionally, it records who retrieved the key and at what time, as well as when and by whom it was returned.

How it’s working?

The keys are stored in key rings, which are placed in special holes. Each key fob has an electronic identifier that allows you to determine which room the keys are stored in and which people are authorized to collect them. The key fobs communicate with the device using contact pins or contactless RFID technology. The devices are available in several variants to adapt to the needs of users.

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A refined and easy-to-use interface means that employees appreciate the reduced time needed to retrieve a key or other item

The system owner decides who and when has access to the content, and can always check the download history

Keys and items are stored in monitored cabinets with automatic information about an attack attempt

Expansion and modification of the device

SAIK KEY can be expanded or combined with other SAIK system devices, e.g. LOCK, CARinBOX, KEYinBOX or BOXinBOX.


It is possible to expand it with any type of box adapted to the specific type of the SAIK BOX item being deposited.


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All recipients, both public and private, of various sizes and industries

Special features

Keys placed on keyrings, possibility of storing various types of keys and keychains, convenient key exchange, keyring return to any or assigned place, keyring lock in the device


Almost always as main module, from 1 key in one device

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