The most advanced cabinets for keys, guns and equipment

Safety and monitoring without additional handling

What is SAIK?

Automatic Key Identification System are cabinets used for safe keeping of keys and other objects. Only persons granted appropriate rights by the system administrator have access to them. The administrator is equipped with systems monitoring the device’s operation and registering all events. Such a solution definitely increases the security level even in rooms which are not covered by the supervision.



Innovative and advanced depositories for keys and all kinds of other items. Devices with user authorization, thanks to which you can safely store them and quickly spend them, while having full control and insight into the information.

PROXIMITY OR BIOMETRIC CARD READER DISPLAY KEYCHAIN LOCKING SLOT P2/P4 CLASS SAFETY GLASS CAMERA SERVICE KEY Emergency power supply IP50 resistance class Burglary resistance class RC2 Protecting your keys and items Confirmed safety Fire Tested at CNBOP-PIB


czytnik rfid

Any proximity or biometric card reader can be used. If the organization already has a card system, a reader supporting them will be installed in the cabinets.


Users appreciate working with SAIK cabinets due to the shortening of the key collection time and always up-to-date information on where a given key is located and who collected it. The comfort of work is ensured by a large and resistant 7 or 10 inch touch screen.


The devices allow access to the stored keys and items only to persons to whom the system administrator has granted appropriate permissions. Other keys and lockers are locked and an attempt to retrieve them will trigger an alarm and be stored in the system.



Each device can be made in accordance with the requirements of the RC2 class, ensuring increased resistance to burglary. Class guaranteed by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw.


A camera showing the employee and events, integrated with the monitoring system


Access to keys in the event of a power failure, for example.

Emergency power supply

The built-in battery allows for trouble-free operation in emergency situations for up to 48 hours

IP50 resistance class

The depositor can be made in the IP50 water and dust resistance class, which ensures additional durability, outdoor use and correct operation in all conditions.

Burglary resistance class RC2

The device may be equipped with a reinforced casing, glass, locks and other security features that increase the security of storing keys and other items.

Protecting your keys and items

The depository is equipped with an alarm siren and reports, and in dangerous situations the system administrator is always informed about it. It is possible to integrate with other security systems in the building.

Confirmed safety

SAIK devices have been appreciated by many companies and institutions in Poland and abroad, the depositors meet the requirements of many certificates and have been awarded many times at security fairs.

Fire Tested at CNBOP-PIB

Fire-safe devices that do not initiate fire hazard - positive opinion of CNBOP-PIB. Boxes resistant to battery explosions, safe for users - tested by CNBOP-PIB.



Employees appreciate the reduced time needed to collected the key



The system owner decides who and when has access to the content, and can always check the collect history.



Keys, weapons, items are stored in monitored cabinets with automatic information about unauthorized collected assets.

It is possible to adapt the cabinet to the requirements and needs of the organization.

Our cabinets give full possibility of modification when it comes to the size and quantity, type and size of deposited items.
Combining several types of lockers – thanks to this, one device can store company keys, keychains, access cards, important documents or other elements of employee equipment.


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How to work?


The keys (or a set of keys) are permanently connected by means of a metal padlock with a key ring, which is locked in individual slots. Other items are stored in lockers built into the deposit box. An additional security is the door that can only be opened by an authorized person.

Safe collecting

The depository requires authorization based on proximity cards or a PIN number from people who want to retrieve keys or other stored items. Keys or lockers in which other items are stored are assigned to a given employee.


The device registers and archives all events that occur in the system. Thanks to this solution, you can check at any time who and when collected the keys or other items and when they returned them. In emergency situations, the siren is activated.

Benefits and applications

Self-service device

The depository operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need for supervision

Event logging

The depository logs all events. At any time, you can check the exact time of issuing e.g. a key and the name of the employee who collected it.

Depositors can be combined

The devices can be connected to each other via Ethernet. Depositors can cooperate with each other both in one building and on different continents.

SAIK KEY Cabinet

  • Created specifically for the secure storage of individual keys or keychains.
  • Each key or set of keys is permanently connected with a metal padlock with an individual serial number.
  • A keychain made of stainless steel is attached to the padlock. The keyring locks into a single slot behind the door.
  • They are an additional barrier for unauthorized persons.
  • Extensive integration with other security systems.
  • Hourly report with employee details.

Possibility of expansion and connection with devices, e.g. with SAIKLock, SAIKKeyInBox, SAIKBoxInBox or SAIKBox.

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