Control access system

The SAIK ACCESS access control system allows for effective control of access to rooms and zones. Only authorised persons using individual identifiers have access. The advantage of using SAIK ACCESS is to increase security, protect property and obtain information about people moving around the protected facility.

The SAIK ACCESS Access Control System complies with the requirements of the PN-EN 60839-11-1:2014 standard for Grade 3 systems.

The SAIK ACCESS system can control:

  • one-way and two-way passages 
  • lifts
  • gates and turnstiles
  • barriers and gates

Elements of the SAIK ACCESS system:

  • the card reader
  • IP door controller / controller with a computer
    – supports one door, Ethernet interface
  • accessories (electric strikes, reed switch, buttons, signaling devices

Additional elements of the SAIK ACCESS system:

  • administrator position with SAIK Edytor management software
  • guard station with SAIK Alarm software
  • server with a database
  • working time recorder

Features of the SAIK ACCESS system:

  • access based on assigned permissions and schedule and/or calendar
  • light and/or sound information at identification
  • functions: sluice, anti-passback, dual access, duress access
  • operation without power supply – on the battery
  • remote opening of the door from themanagement program or external system
  • possibility of cooperation with BMS, SSWiN, SAP, CCTV systems
  • event monitoring and recording
  • the controller supports readers connected via the following interfaces: Wiegand, RS232, RS485

System management

The management software is in the Polish language version and allows for multi-station work. Security is ensured by 8 levels of access.

Management software components:

SAIK Editor:

  • system configuration and management
  • configuration and management of single doors
  • user management
  • management of time zones and schedules
  • granting users access to the doors

SAIK Reports:

  • generating system operation reports and events taking place in it

SAIK Alarm

  • on-line monitoring of the system’s operating status
  • receiving alarm events

The SAIK ACCESS access control system
is fully compatible with the SAIK depository system.

SAIK ACCESS LAN system expandability

A single door controller is used to supervise a single door. It can work independently or be part of a system. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, any number of concentrators can be connected into one SAIK ACCESS system. This enables joint management of passages in various facilities and gradual expansion of the system. In special cases, it is possible for one computer with an Ethernet interface to manage several controllers connected to the bus.

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