What is the SAIK?

Almost every manager responsible for the effective operation of companies and institutions often asks the following question:

How to manage keys?

How to control the circulation of keys?

How to store keys securely?

How to replace the key issue book?

How to replace the porter in burdensome activities related to key management,
so that he can focus on other tasks?

Automatic Key Identification System

An effective solution to these issues are the SAIK electronic key cabinets, which combine secure key storage with managing access to them and registering their circulation. SAIK is an abbreviation for a system developed by bt electronics.

The system generally consists of an electronic key cabinet and software that registers and permanently saves each key withdrawal and release. The administrator of the control program – usually an authorized employee of a given system user – decides on granting access rights to the keys to specific persons and defines the time intervals in which this access is possible. The system is ideal for customers who cannot or do not want to give up mechanical keys, but have problems with managing and documenting their circulation.

Full control

The SAIK system offers a modern approach to managing the circulation of keys and other objects in the enterprise and provides full control over access to business premises and documents or other valuable items deposited in storage boxes. The use of the SAIK system allows for full identification and control of keys, deposits and employees, analysis of the collected data and immediate response to emergency situations detected by the system.

SAIK electronic lockers with software have been in use for over a dozen years at renowned customers, among others, in such areas as banking, public institutions and offices, universities, museums, retirement homes, car showrooms, enterprises and all kinds of facilities where control access is an integral part of security.

An important advantage of SAIK devices is that they are fully self-service and operate 7 days a week without requiring any service.

Cabinets synergy

An additional advantage of cabinets is the possibility of freely combining them with each other. Thanks to the Ethernet network, the devices can cooperate with each other, regardless of whether they are in one building or on different continents. Thanks to this, the system can be adapted to the changing needs of users.

SAIK Cabinets Features

Expansion, modification and adaptation to requirements

SAIK devices can be adapted to the needs of users in every respect.
Each of the basic depositors can be extended with additional functionality and integrated with existing security systems.

Types of storage:

Our customers

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